Custom software outsourcing

IN TODAY’S times, custom software outsourcing and offshore software application development are much in demand in SMEs (small and medium enterprises). More and more western companies are delegating different types of software projects to low-cost but adept offshore providers. Custom Software Outsourcing helps the company to focus on its core part and outsource the remaining. This model has helped many clients to do their work cost-effectively.

Hence many business houses prefer to outsource their IT to offshore software development centres. These offshore centres provide a plethora of software-related services related to client-server application, web development applications, CRM solutions, portal solutions, custom components and libraries etc.

The offshore software development companies also provide custom software applications on the basis of SDLC (software development life cycle). They work on internal proposals and budgeting, get approvals, estimate project delivery time, and render quality support. Western countries like US and UK get the economic edge, as their companies get maximum ROI (return on investment) through outsourcing. Software outsourcing also helps to reduce operational costs and have complete sway over the said project. An offshore software development company usually offers:

1.   Application development and migration:    Custom software application development with several lucrative services which are offered in eastern countries like India and Philippines makes this avenue a good one. Experts in programming languages like - Net, Java or PHP help clients to provide them customized applications. Of late, the IT industry has witnessed an overwhelming response from clients who want their legacy applications migrated to .NET or J2EE.

2.   Maintenance of existing Software application:    One of the benefits of custom software outsourcing is that clients can focus on their strengths and line of business rather than focusing on different aspects of their business. Nowadays there is a drastic upsurge in the number of providers who provide such services.

3.   QA & Testing:    Nowadays software vendors have to give quality assurance to clients by defining SLAs (service level agreements). Offshore software development companies offer many services such as functional testing, usability testing, compatibility and interoperability testing. A comprehensive QA test plan is also prepared to show the client about the qualitative aspects of the software.

Due to outstanding technical expertise but low operational costs, India is slowing growing as a hub for software application development services. Many companies prefer to go for custom software outsourcing to India.


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