Offshore outsourcing

An ICT offshoring destination?
Times of Malta - Valletta,Malta
Offshore outsourcing (offshoring) is one of the most significant forces shaping today's business environment. It is the process whereby one company ...
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Infosys India
By Reviews
Infosys is regarded as a pioneer in strategic offshore outsourcing of software services. Its expertise is offered in Application Development and Maintenance, Corporate Performance Management, Enterprise Quality Services, ... -

Offshore Software Development
Software outsourcing has seen a huge boom in recent years. It is based on mutual trust and team relationship between the offshore software partners. Outsourcing refers to a process in which some part of the work is outsourced to other ...
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Models of Offshore Outsourcing
By admin
Offshore outsourcing is simply defined as outsourcing to outside countries. Some people may think that the process of offshore outsourcing is a walk in the park producing large sums of profits. This notion however is erroneous. ...
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