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Philippines answers the call to prosperity
Financial Post - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Total offshore and outsourcing revenues in the Philippines grew to US$5-billion in 2007 from US$1.5-billion in 2004. The sector now directly employs 340000 ...
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Top Three Hurdles of Offshore Outsourcing
By admin
Companies gain several benefits from using offshore outsourcing works. Like any initiative there are risks associated with offshore outsourcing and these three are on the top of the list for many executives. But by carefully using the ...
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Offshore Software Testing
By Software Outsourcing
Offshore Software Outsourcing; Software Development Industry; Human Resource Software; Outsourcing and Off Shoring in the Software Industry; Software Outsourcing; Off Shore it Out Sourcing Consultancy: Their Roles in it Fields ...
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Outsourcing takes a full cycle - Collaboration through Reverse ...
By admin
The study reveals that economic conditions will speed up globalization, with organizations not only using offshore outsourcing to reduce costs but also hasten their development capabilities in emerging markets to take advantage of ...
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Why Offshore Services Are Being Adversely Impacted by the Global ...
Photo courtesy of iStockphoto, Siew Yee Lee Given the current poor economic climate, one would expect rapid growth in offshore outsourcing contracts. -

ABA Ethics opinion on Legal Outsourcing: Vendor Speak
By Rahul(Rahul)
Over the next 2 to 3 years, we would expect every large in-house counsel department and a much larger number of law firms to view offshore outsourcing strategies as essential to their legal practice. In many respects, outsourced legal ...
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