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Obama touts desire to keep tech jobs in the US
Computerworld - Oslo,Oslo,Norway
Barack Obama (D-Ill.) attacked offshore outsourcing in his acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday night, drawing a bead on a practice ...
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Offshore Web Design & Development, E-Commerce solutions, Content ... (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,Austria
If you are a firm looking for cost savings through outsourcing, we are offering offshore web & software development services for companies like you. ...
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Obama says he can stop tech jobs from being outsourced, experts ...
AXcess News - Carson City,NV,USA
... tax breaks given to tech companies who shift work to offshore locations just isn't so... there are no tax breaks for outsourcing technology jobs. ...
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IT vendors feel the heat as US election nears
Hindu Business Line - Chennai,India
While a hue and cry is raised against outsourcing once every four years, the economic reality is that local US firms are hurt by lack of resources, ...
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The Benefits Of Having An Offshore Outsourcing Strategy
By RealCash
Irrespective of whichever sector you consider you are likely to fin some kind of outsourcing taking place. One of the most prominent trend n the outsourcing business is offshore outsourcing strategy. Offshore outsourcing basically ...
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Outsourcing the Offshore Operations
By Cynthia
The most recent sign of the sea change came July 10, when British insurance giant Aviva (AV) said it sold a 5000-strong South Asian outsourcing operation to WNS Global Services (WNS) of Mumbai. WNS paid $228 million for these so-called ...
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Evidence shows outsourcing can weaken customer satisfaction.
By Tracy Allison Altman
Jonathan Whitaker, MS Krishanan, and Claes Fornell wrote recently in How Offshore Outsourcing Affects Customer Satisfaction, in the Wall Street Journal (behind paywall): "Are companies that send customer service abroad making a mistake? ...
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IT workers hit hardest by offshore outsourcing, survey finds
By Osdindia - Software Company India(Osdindia - Software Company India)
As many as 8% of IT workers have been displaced by offshore outsourcing, either through job loss or an involuntary transfer to a new job by their employer, which is twice the rate of workers in other occupations, according to a study ...
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Small Business Financial & Accounting (f&a) Offshore Outsourcing Cost
By Bookkeeping Services India(Bookkeeping Services India)
These companies have big budgets and a big team of consultants who analyzes the total cost and ROI of sending their financial and accounting work to the service providers in offshore locations. Though smaller companies have started off ...
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